Small Black Attachacam (3/4′-1inch Mount)




Capture the Glory of an Amazing Shotgun Shot with AttachaCam’s 3/4′-1inch Camera Mount for Guns!

Same Attachacam, just a smaller Grip size.
Get incredibly smooth, joltless video footage straight from the shooter’s perspective with AttachaCam’s Camera Mount for Guns. This hands-free camera mount lets you focus on the shot—not the video footage of it—and can be placed either on the barrel or the scope, providing maximum freedom of movement and control of your weapon.

You just can’t DO this stuff with other mounts. Low grade plastic turns your glorious moment into a blurry and undefined scene of movement. What’s the point of even having a camera mount if it can’t withstand the recoil of your firearm?

AttachaCam is different. Everything from the materials used to the patented design and vice grip make it the most highly effective camera mount on the market. We built AttachaCam to withstand the same rugged trails and wild expanses that you do. With its U.S.A. made anodized aluminum shell and stainless steel parts, it’s made to take a beating without ever losing its grip on the camera.

AttachaCam is easy to adjust and fits snugly onto both single and double barrel firearms. It can be placed onto hunting rifles and shotguns with ease, either on the scope or the barrel. And because it uses a small, light-weight aluminum shell, it never hinders movement or impedes your line of sight.

Best of all, AttachaCam can fit just about any camera you want onto its frame! As long as your camera uses a ¼” screw hole (practically universal) it will fit snugly onto AttachaCam’s mount and never budge.

If you’re sick and tired of camera mounts that either don’t work or aren’t made here in the U.S.A., then it’s time to pick up AttachaCam. You’ll never miss sharing another amazing shot ever again!
Have you ever tried to maintain the aim of your shot while messing around with a video camera? Impossible, right? It takes too long to set the camera up and by the time you’re ready, you’ve missed your chance. So you settle for telling the story of that long distance heart-shot you took at that running buck, and shrug your shoulders when all your friends tell you “I wish we had been there to see it!”

With AttachaCam, when you get that perfect shot, you’ll have a camera ready and in position to capture the exact moment when your arrow strikes. AttachaCam fits snugly onto your bow stabilizer using a fortified, stainless steel vice. It provides the same point of view of the bowman, without getting in the way of your aim. You’ll not only have a clean shot, but clean video footage as well!

AttachaCam is built to weather everything that you do. Rain, sleet, hail, snow—you name it, AttachaCam is prepared for it. Its anodized aluminum shell will NEVER rust and last forever. It’s built to resist the conditions that you’d expect from roughing it. It can take a hit and best of all it WON’T BUDGE from where you put it. That means no shaky footage and no broken cameras, ever. Just rinse with clean water after salt water use!

Worried about AttachaCam’s heft? Don’t be. We used a high-grade aluminum body that is extremely light weight and won’t hinder your bow movement in the slightest. You can turn, move, and twist your bow whichever way you need. Your camera will never fall and remain exactly where it needs to be to take the best video footage ever.
*Sales tax included in price for Illinois residents*