GoPro Attachment




Get the GoPro Attachment Device that NEVER Budges and Always Captures the Cleanest Video Footage!

If you already use GoPro to capture video while hunting, biking, or performing other enthusiast sports, then you’re NOT getting the most out of it until you pair it with AttachaCam’s GoPro Attachment. We’ve built the steadiest, sturdiest, most effective GoPro connection device on the market today that will keep your GoPro camera in place no matter what you throw at it.

Any hunter or sports enthusiast can attest to GoPro’s own tripod mount being ineffective when it comes to remaining absolutely still during the most strenuous of outdoor activities. The low-grade plastic of the GoPro tripod mount is simply too weak to withstand the recoil of a shotgun, the ruggedness of a BMX trail, or the action of a paintball match.

Only the GoPro Attachment from AttachaCam and its patented vice-locking system is capable of withstanding the fiercest jolts and bumps—which happens to be exactly when you want your camera to be capturing the best video! And because of its extremely light-weight aluminum shell, the AttachaCam GoPro attachment will never affect your balance or aim.

Best of all, the AttachaCam GoPro attachment is built to last forever. The anodized aluminum body is made right here in the U.S.A and will not rust or wear, while the stainless steel pieces are durable enough to last a lifetime. This isn’t just a piece of equipment you can use during your sporting trips. It’s one you can pass on to someone else.

If you’re tired of your GoPro video footage not looking as awesome as you’d like it to, it’s time to take a look at the GoPro Attachment from AttachaCam. Buy it today and prepare for amazing video footage on your next big trip away!

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