The Attachacam Company is only responsible for the replacement of a defective product. Attachacam is Not liable for injury to a person or animal, Nor be liable for damages to property. Attachacam is not liable for the accessories mounted onto our product, including cell phones, cameras, loss of still video, or picture files. Attachacam includes black felt padding/protection that is included with the product to prevent from any scratching on the barrel of a firearm or any other objects that the Attachacam is used on. Attachacam is not liable for any scratches or damage to objects. Our maximum liability is equal to the amount paid for an Attachacam.

Before mounting the Attachacam, always ensure that a firearm is unloaded. Never point a firearm in an unsafe manner. Attachacam is not responsible for any injuries that may result from an installer’s unsafe behavior. Please be responsible when mounting the Attachacam and use with caution.

GoPro is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. California and has no affiliation with or any of its other affiliates.

Attachacam is a registered trademark of Attachcam, All Rights Reserved.