Welcome to AttachaCam

Who We Are

AttachaCam was both created and developed by Christopher Galik, an avid hunter and sports enthusiast. While hunting in Wisconsin one weekend, Christopher became frustrated over the lack of options he had for capturing his best shots. He had no time to prepare a great video when 100% of his focus was required for the hunt. He had tried other camera mounts before, but due to their low-grade materials, they failed to capture quality video when a shot was taken.

Shortly after this experience, Christopher began work on AttachaCam, a video and camera mounting system that used a vice to grip onto a scope or barrel. It wasn’t long before he realized that AttachaCam could be used on more than just guns. Bike grips, boat railings and bow stabilizers were all perfect for what AttachaCam proposed to do: take amazing video footage while still allowing the sports enthusiast to focus on what they’re doing.

What We Believe

We believe in engineering the highest-quality camera mount on the market. That means we must source our materials wisely and build our AttachaCam to last.

We think that this version of AttachaCam finally meets our rigorous standards for quality. Not only is it the lightest mount ever built—it’s also the strongest. In fact, AttachaCam’s grip is so strong that it can keep a camera still and in place even from the recoil of a double-barrel shotgun! We get amazing video from our AttachaCam and we’re certain you will too! For best possible footage, when using high-powered weapons, we recommend using a shockproof camera or GoPro.